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  • IC Biomedical CryoGuard Standard Series Mid Arm Gloves. IC Biomedical CryoGuard Standard Series Elbow Arm Gloves.

    IC Biomedical Cryogenic Gloves

    The CryoGuard Standard Series Gloves from IC Biomedical are specifically designed to offer protection in extremely cold environments of up to minus 160 degrees Celsius. These gloves are not only protective but also provide comfort, flexibility, and...

    $235.97 - $273.97
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  • IC Biomedical CryoGuard Apron.

    IC Biomedical Cryoguard Apron

    The IC Biomedical CryoGuard Cryogenic Aprons offer protection for the body and legs against spills and splashes of liquid nitrogen during filling and pouring applications. These aprons are designed with comfort in mind, featuring a flexible, lightweight...

    $269.97 - $321.97
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